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We all talk about wanting to have our dream job – and a green job, for many, would fall in this category. After all, what better way to give your career a purpose than to serve Mother Earth? The problem is, many people don’t choose career that actually fit their personalities and strongest qualities. Are you more of an extrovert or introvert? Take a look at some of the most common personality types that exist. Then, look at the green job positions that are perfect for people of various personality types.


ISTJ – Duty Fulfillers

These individuals are those who place value on tradition and loyalty as well as are natural leaders and dislike change. These people have perseverance and need to be in a job where they can use their organizational skills. Ideal green jobs for these types of employees include a green business executive or a green accountant — one who takes into consideration environmental costs of an operation.

ESFJ – Caregivers

These individuals are warm-hearted, cooperative and enjoy peaceful living. They are most satisfied when they create order and are helping other people. Ideal green jobs for these types of people include an administrative assistant at an eco-friendly company or a green educator – one who prepares aspiring solar panel technicians or energy inspectors, for example, to enter the booming green industry.

ISTP – Mechanics

These individuals like to learn how things work and are most happy when performing hands-on activities. They also are risk-takers and like to see results, and they are most productive when they work for themselves. Ideal green jobs for these types of employees include green engineers and green entrepreneurs.

ENTP – Visionaries

These individuals are very flexible and have solid people skills. They are rational and enjoy solving problems as well as coming up with new ideas. Ideal green jobs for these types of people include salespeople of green products and services as well as green marketing professionals and even eco-friendly photographers.

INFP – Idealists

These individuals are oriented toward the future, are creative and possess strong writing skills. They must have jobs that are strongly connected to their value systems and need to work in a way that adds purpose to their lives. Ideal green jobs for these types of employees include writers and musicians who promote green ideas.

By YaShekia King

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