Why the Environmental Management Plan is Vital to Your Next Project

The green movement has been embraced by most developed countries, and it extends far beyond recycling aluminum cans. In the construction industry, it means considering the safeguards for protecting the surrounding environment, accurately assessing the cost of those safeguards and putting the plan into place. Ideally, the environmental management plan (EMP) should consider everything from the disposal of solid wastes to disaster planning and possible noise and vibration.

Pollution Abatement and Resource Conservation

In the past, companies drew up the blueprints and contractors got to work. The only focus was on the structure itself and the client. The EMP is necessary to ensure that the impact on the environment is also taken into account. It’s not enough to build a beautiful home. The waste needs to be disposed of, energy should be conserved during the construction and people should be kept safe throughout the process. Here are the key aspects that are reviewed with a high-quality EMP.

• Disposal of liquid effluents and solid wastes is needed to avoid contamination of the environment and keep it away from human settlements.

• Air pollution should be minimized through careful monitoring proper stack heights and other measures.

• Noise and vibration should be minimized to better protect the environment and any nearby settlements.

• Safety measures are put in place to prevent workplace accidents and put plans in place for dealing with disasters like fires or natural calamities.

• Construction projects must take into account the delivery of products and materials, transportation of employees, and how waste will be removed. Road safety signs are just part of this aspect.

• Recovery allows waste products to be used whenever possible.

• Clear-cutting is commonly employed to make construction easier, but some type of plant cover should be replaced to minimize erosion.

Government Necessity and Investor Requirement

The EPA requires that companies take measures to protect the environment and human health during construction projects. They have compliance incentives to ensure that contractors and other companies are putting measures in place to remain in full compliance with the environmental guidelines.

The government has consequences for failing to follow established rules and regulations. They can levy fines which drive up the cost of the project. In a worst-case scenario, they can shut a project down completely and refuse to allow it to progress any further. Either of these situations threaten the overall financial health and profitability of the construction project. Investors don’t want to face a full loss of their investment, and they don’t want to face shrinking profit margins when fines and delays plague the project. The EMP helps to avoid these problems, and that helps the investors feel more confident about moving forward.

Professional Help for an Overwhelming Process

The process of creating an EMP may feel overwhelming. It requires having a complete understanding of local environmental codes, safety requirements and other aspects. It’s important to look at angles of the project from the initial ground breaking until final completion. While most contractors may not know how to write an effective EMP, companies like Ensafe Group and Hirani Construction Management offer this specialized service. It’s important to have experienced engineers work on the plans. Plans that feature a simplified structure will also be easier to customize, and they can be used by people who may be new to the environmental compliance standards.

Before breaking ground on any project, contractors need to ensure that the project will meet government guideline for environmental and human settlement protection. This is vital to avoiding fines and costly delays. It’s required by the government as well as savvy consumers who need to protect their investment. Use professional EMP services to keep your clients happy and help keep your projects on track.


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