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Tax Credits Supporting 37,000 Wind Jobs at Risk

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President Obama wants to extend tax credits that support 37,000 wind jobs, and which are due to expire at the end of 2012. On Thursday, the president accused his opponent, Mitt Romney, of wanting to end these tax credits.

Obama spoke to a crowd of about 3,500 in Pueblo, Colorado, a community which supports hundreds of wind jobs. “At a moment when homegrown energy is creating new jobs in states like Colorado and Iowa, my opponent wants to end tax credits for wind energy producers,” said Obama. “Think about what that would mean for a community like Pueblo.”

The president went on to say, “The wind industry supports about 5,000 jobs across this state.” If the tax credits aren’t renewed, he estimated that about 37,000 American wind jobs would be at risk. The president’s “all of the above” energy plan has supported renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power, while developing fossil fuel resources. The recent approval of the Keystone XL pipeline indicates he’s not opposed to oil, as his opponents have accused, but his overall platform does favor clean energy much more heavily than Republicans.

In March, Mitt Romney told the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, “In place of real energy, Obama has focused on an imaginary world where government subsidized windmills and solar panels could power the economy,” apparently ignoring the 37,000 wind jobs that have been generated, and which are supported by the tax credits that are about to expire.

Instead of continuing to develop clean energy resources that create solar and wind jobs, Romney says he intends to largely deregulate the energy industry in order to exploit drilling areas in the Gulf of Mexico and the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve.

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