Wind Jobs: Three Myths About Wind Energy

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Wind energy job seekers are blowing in the wind right now, with no clear direction as to the fate of this green job industry if the wind production tax credit goes away at year’s end. However, here are a few reasons experts say wind energy is more reliable than opponents once claimed: You no longer need to feel as though you’re spitting in the wind when telling others about the potential of wind energy. Here are three wind energy myths that quickly have been disproved.

1) Wind energy indeed is quite reliable, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research. In fact, even though shifting winds have give wind energy the allusion of being hard to count on for supplying needed energy, weather forecasting technology, predicting wind speeds is becoming far easier. In addition, if wind turbines are located in many parts of a locale, at least some of the turbines will be able to take advantage of the wind even when other parts of the locale are calm.

2) The cost of wind energy, which often has been deemed unaffordable, actually has dipped below the cost of coal-fired energy in parts of India for the first time ever, according to Greenko Group. This is due to developing wind energy technologies – the same type of technologies that have the potential of brining wind energy turbine prices down in the United States as well.

3) Wind turbines can be quiet, too. Although complaints about noise pollution from commercial wind turbines have dotted the headlines over the past few years, quiet wind turbines actually do exist – thus making going green without dealing with the annoyance of a jet engine in your ear all day extremely possible. You can actually step outside to a noise that resembles the sound of leaves rustling in a light wind – even quieter than the sound of cars zooming on a nearby road. As long as a turbine is designed well, it generally should operate quietly without waking up your napping little one.

By YaShekia King

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