Wind Jobs: Wind Energy Jobs Come in Many Forms

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Are you interested in becoming a lawyer, engineer or researcher? You could be much closer to your dream job in the wind energy industry than you think. Wind jobs are filled by more than just wind turbine technicians. People who have a wide variety of skills can break into the wind jobs industry – an industry that, by 2030, should employ half a million people here in the United States.

Here are a handful of jobs that can be strongly tied to the wind energy jobs field:

Logistics and Transportation Analyst: This person studies transportation and logistics for wind turbines and their components. After all, for a 150-megawatt wind farm, almost 700 truckloads might be necessary in the area of transportation. Transportation actually can make up 15 percent of the total cost of developing a wind farm.

Meteorologist: This person studies how the output of wind energy systems might fluctuate by combining renewable energy research with a focus on atmospheric physics. Forecasting, or using Doppler radar and other models to predict wind speeds at different altitudes is quickly becoming one of the five most important areas of wind energy research today.

Computer Programmer: This person is interested in the analysis and computational modeling of aerodynamics that are relevant to wind turbines. This knowledge is necessary when meeting the needs of wind turbine design engineers.

Civil Engineer: This person must design various structures on a wind farm, making sure that not only the individual turbines but also the entire farm performs efficiently. Managing the development of mechanical objects and construction also are part of the job description of a civil engineer in the wind energy jobs field.

Lawyer: This person essentially represents landowners who have constructed wind farms. Issues such as giving developers access to properties, siting/permitting, equity investments, real estate and federal/state tax concerns are in the realm of responsibility of a lawyer in the wind energy jobs field.

By YaShekia King

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