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Women in Green This Week: Jessica Alba

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Actress Jessica Alba Recently Launched The Honest Company, a Green Home Products Business – Image from

Have you ever thought about what exactly is in those packaged diapers or baby shampoo bottles you purchase for your children? You’d probably gasp if you knew the amount of untested, toxic chemicals in the products you buy every day. That’s the drive behind the mission of The Honest Company – a new green company developed by actress/activist Jessica Alba that aims to give you green product options, right at your front door.

At the time of Alba’s pregnancy, she read a book by Christopher Gavigan titled “Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home.” Since that time, Alba has been hooked on keeping toxic chemicals from the hands of children in the home. Everyday products such as household cleaners, she read, features questionable substances that threaten the health of America’s consumers on a regular basis.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was one company I could get all my daily essentials from — from diapers to cleaning to bath time — and I could trust that they would be safe, eco-friendly, affordable, and effective, as well as designed beautifully and delivered to my doorstep?’” Alba said.

Knowing she needed some help to turn this big green dream into a reality, Alba turned to several experts for help. These included Gavigan himself, who is the chief products officer and co-founder of The Honest Company as well as the chief advisor to the Green Product Innovation Institute. In addition, the company’s CEO is Brian Lee, an eCommerce innovator, and COO Sean Kane is an eCommerce veteran.

Alba’s sampled a wide range of contemporary products and talked to top formulation experts to determine ways to improve the contents of these goods. Then, the four individuals selected quality manufacturing partners who shared the vision of The Honest Company, which now is a monthly service that offers bundles of eco-friendly and non-toxic products to the consumer’s front door.

Alba’s The Honest Company, which launched in January, offers green home cleaning products, baby bath goods and even baby wipes and diapers. Based in Los Angeles, The Honest Company actually has raised a whopping $27 million from General Catalyst, Institutional Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners for its environmentally friendly baby products. These products are rocking the world of baby goods and cleaning products, so look out Gerber and Proctor and Gamble, experts say. There’s a new kid in town, and she’s not shy about taking the industry to a new level.

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